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安全是人类亘古不变的追求;安全是樱花般脆弱生命的保护神;安全是痛失亲人后悲伤的呼唤;安全是无数长眠地下灵魂的碑文;安全是安然走过人生旅程的护身符。一起来看看关于安全 英语 作文 演讲稿 5篇,欢迎查阅! 关于安全英语作文演讲稿1 Safety is very importa



Safety is very important. We often hear people say “safety first”. As a middle school student, we should learn to protect ourselves from every possible danger. Here are some things I do. I hope you can follow them.

On your way to school and home. You should obey the traffic rules. You should walk on the right side of the road. Don’t ride your bike too fast.

During school, you can’t fight with each other. Don’t play with fire. Don’t bring knife to school. Don’t go out of school without your teacher’s permission.

In public places or campus, enough water plugs,extinguishing agents and emergency outlets should be set and prepared for unforeseen circumstances.

Above all,a series of precautions must be taken to guarantee the students' safety. Let's make the campus safe through our long-term unremitting efforts.


recently,the news that u.s attack on china's internet is always exposed.and the question of how to stay online safely raises a lot of discussion in our country.as a result,in the era of rapid development of network,we must take measures to protect our security of privacy and property effectively.

from my perspective,in the first place,we should call attention to our personal information.not only do we not offer them at random in some strange websites,but we need to distinguish right from wrong among the numerous websites.furthermore,it is inevitable that some secure anti-virus soft wares can be installed.and it will make it possible for that network can run more steadily.in addition to doing some work by ourselves,the government needs to draw up some policies to preserve national cyber security.it involves probing for deeply rooted reasons,devising creative solutions,developing high-tech talents and strengthening the supervision.

although scientists still cannot overcome the problem completely,they are studying a great deal about how to protect our national cyber security.however,consciousness of cyber security should not decline.only in this way,we just enjoy the convenience brought by the network.


with the rapid development of our societmore and more people are fond of online shopping for itconvenience. online shopping habeen a heated fashion. but different people have different viewon thipoint. after all evercoin hatwo sides.


online shopping haadvantageawell adisadvantages. firstlnowadaythe internet habecome a must. aconvenient ait ipeople depend on online shopping ait caterfor those who are buswith work or other things. and it can help usave much monewhich icheaper than what we buin the physical store. what’more it contributethe internet to the further development.


however it ialso a risk of online shopping awe pathe bill online bour credit cardwe mabe cheated bthe dishonest shoppers. sometimethe qualitof what we buonline imuch worse than we could imagine.


in mopinion when we are shopping online we should keep wise to prevent ufrom treating. and we’ll find that online shopping haadvantageover disadvantages.



Security issue may sound clichéd, but when it comes to the campus security, we have to take it seriously. Nearly every day, there are reports to the security office on campus that valuable things are stolen away. A surrounding with stealing and mugging can’t be worse for studying. In such cases, what measures should be taken to improve the campus security?


On one hand, we students should strengthen our security awareness. Once we smell out something unusual, we should report it to the campus guard immediately. On the other hand, more equipment such as monitors should be installed on campus so as to detect crimes as soon as possible. Besides, a proper amount of security guards should be arranged to patrol the campus.


In my opinion, campus security will be improved as long as efforts are made on campus. Therefore, colleges and universities should try their best to make everyone on campus safe and sound。 



This picture tells us the attitude of some people towards safety problems. Since they have the one-sided view towards the safety problems, they ignore these problems in our real life. They are just like the blind men in the story of "The Blind Men and the Elephant." In fact, safety problems are everywhere around us.


So the picture shows some people are much worried about their safety problems. But they do not think about the problems in a wise way. They do not want to work out some effective ways to solve these problems. They just only care about their own problems blindly. But, in fact, what they are doing is very dangerous to their safety because, as the picture tells us, coconuts on the coconut tree may fall down anytime and hurt them.


In my opinion, they are very near-sighted and their behavior is foolish. We should take everything into account when we are thinking and doing. We should learn how to analyze the concrete problems in a concrete way. At the same time, we should do something to make our environment safe. When something bad happens, we should take some effective measures to reduce the harm or damage to the minimum. Also we should launch some campaigns to raise people's awareness to safety. We should make some laws to protect people and their property from the harm and loss.